Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Remembering 8/8/88

Yesterday thousands of democracy and human rights protesters across the world gathered at Burmese embassies to commemorate the thousands who were massacred while peacefully protesting for democracy and human rights in Burma on 8/8/88 and to protest against the regime's ongoing oppression, torture and genocide.
In London over a hundred demonstrators from many different groups including Burmese Democracy Movement Association UK, Burma Campaign UK, Buddhists for Peace, Women of Burma UK and Christian Solidarity Worldwide along with NLD members and supporters marched to the embassy (stained with red paint representing the blood of those who died) where they laid a reef in memory of those massacred by the regime, made speeches and peacefully, but incredibly loudly protested for over an hour.

Amongst the sadness, the pride and the defiance it was worth remembering that while so many gave such an amazing show of solidarity with the Burmese people and held such a sucessful protest against the regime, many people were unknowingly funding the regime by filling up at Total stations across the country. Please continue to spread the word about Total funding and perpetrating human rights abuses in Burma and continue to support the boycott, for those who died on 8/8/88, for those who continue to languish under the regime, for Burma.

Students Against Total

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