Sunday, July 30, 2006



On 8th August 1988 (8888) tens thousands of people across Burma rose up in peaceful demonstration against the military regime. Monks, Students, Civil Servants, Workers, Lawyers, Men, Women, Children all marched through the streets in defiance of the military brutality and demanding democracy.
They were massacred.
The regime ordered it's soldiers to fire into the crowds. As people lay dead and dying the regimes men forced many protestors back into lakes where they drowned whilst being fired upon by the soldiers. It was the bloodiest day in Burma's history and the thousands of deaths that day made it even worse than the Tianmen Square massacre in China a year later.
Eighteen years on the regime is still in place -supported by Total Oil.
Total invested in the regime knowing full well the atrocities committed in 1988; supplying the funds that the military thugs need to keep their grip on power.
In 2003 at Depying there was another massacre; using weapons bought with Totals money.
Furthermore hundreds of protestors from 8888 still languish in Burma's jails, beaten, tortured and sexually abused. Total has never mentioned them or asked for their release but has paid the regime the money needed to keep the barbaric prisons running.

This year on August 8th thousands of people around the world will march in remembrance of the heroes who gave their lives for democracy and in defiance of the regime who continues to oppress Burma eighteen years after it indiscriminately slaughtered innocent citizens.

There will be a protest march and rally in London including members of Burmese Democratic Movement Association UK, Burma Campaign UK and Amnesty International.


We urge everyone who can to turn out and remember the heroes of 1988, and while you do remember that it is Total who happily continues to put money into the pocket of the very regime who butchered thousands of Burmese people -and continue to do so today.

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