Monday, March 27, 2006


What can You do?

So what can you do about Total and their human rights abuses in Burma?


1. Support the boycott-hit Total where it hurts-in the pocket! Don't fund opression, rape, genocide and torture in Burma; don't fill up at Total! Your money will just be going straight into the pockets of the Burmese regime.

2. Spread the word-tell your friends, family, classmates and workmates about Total's human rights abuses in Burma; point them in the direction of this site and most importantly of all tell them to support the boycott. Organise a protest outside your local Total station to spread the word to drivers.

3. E-mail Total-tell Total directly what you think of their actions and urge them to pull out of Burma here. This works-it's what got major investors such as BAT and Lauda Air to pull out of Burma and stop funding the human rights abuses.

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