Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Become a Cyber Activist!

In the six months since Students Against Total was formed we’ve enjoyed many successes: protests have been held, hundreds of signatures collected and huge amounts of awareness raised. Our ‘Free Burma’ banner has appeared (alongside several Students Against Total activists) in Burma Campaign News, hung from Total signs and photographed by the Burmese regime from inside their London embassy.
But alongside this we have experienced tremendous success right here –on the internet. Our site has reached hundreds more people, is visited by those concerned about Total’s human rights abuses every day and is monitored by Total themselves. Our videos on video websites have received hundreds of hits and above this we have been linked to by many excellent campaigns who share our concerns about the human rights abuses in Burma and by multinationals worldwide (see our friends and links section!)
But we want to take this further –we want YOU to become a cyber-activist against Total’s human rights abuses. There are limitless ways to do this which can take as little as an hour and will have an enormous impact. You might want to leaflet your campus and take some photos, stick a poster up in your local Total station and send us the pictures, write a report about Burma or Total or send a letter or e-mail to Total and send it to us with their reply.
Whatever you choose to do send it to us at studentsagainsttotal@hotmail.com and we’ll publish it. Hundreds of people will see your work and you’ll make a real difference to Burma and the world. Cyber activism is the newest and one of the most effective ways of taking the fight to human rights abusing multinationals.
So don’t wait- do it today! Hand out some leaflets, take some photos, write a report and do your bit to stand up against Total and their human rights abuses.
We need you, and you can make a difference.

Students Against Total
Totalitarian Oil http://totalitarian-oil.blogspot.com

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