Thursday, August 03, 2006


Gearing up for 8th August

On 8th August thousands of Burmese democracy and human rights activists around the world will descend on their nearest Burmese embassy in memory of the thousands of democracy activists who were slaughtered on 8/8/88 in Burma and in protest at the regimes continuing opression of the country (see here for details of the London protest or visit the BDMA UK site).

In preparation for the day Students Against Total activists and supporters set out to support BDMA UK in publicising the London protest by postering local notice boards. During this came one of Students Against Total's finest hours -when two activists managed to convince a Total employee to allow us to place a poster in the Total petrol station:

Neither the Total bosses nor the Burmese regime would be too happy to find out that this Total station is now publicising a protest against Total's friend and business partner!

You can join the thousands across the world protesting for democracy by finding out the details of you nearest 8/8/88 commemoration protest -click here for details of the London protest or here for a list of Burma Campaigns around the world to find one in your country.

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