Sunday, May 07, 2006


Protest photos

On Wednesday evening as the regime stepped up their genocide with the money provided by Total a small (but loud!) group of students descended on a Total station just outside Guildford to distribute leaflets and let people know what they were funding by filling up at Total.
The students stayed throughout rush hour and had great sucess in spreading the word about Total to would-be-customers, rallying support and collecting signatures for the Burma Campaign UK petition.

Click on a photo to enlarge:

The same group had previously held a demonstration outside another Guildford station on the last Internation Day of Action Against Total on Febuary 3rd:

Click here to watch The Students Against Total Video

Well done to all involved and good luck to all planning protest on the International Day of Action on May 12th.

If you are interested in joining protests in the Guildford area, finding advice on holding your own protests or wanting to share photos of your protests, e-mail

there has always been conflict over oil.some poor countrieds have it,all rich counyties want it.corruption and foul play all par for the course.we don't like the rules but we all need the commodity.North Sea production has peaked so UK will be joining the hunt soon.
the world will not be a pretty place.byecot while you can it won't be too long before you realise these companies know what they are doing.
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